We are conscious mind (ego) and unconscious mind for the most part. The conscious mind learns and makes corrections, adapting to new environments, cultures and situations. Life generally flows along as one year leads into the next.

It's when strong changes occur in the outer or inner world, that the conscious mind needs help. It can be as simple as meditation, changing environments, eating differently, or in some cases, medication for temporary help.


  • eating and diet
  • habits
  • insomnia
  • libido
  • self-confidence
  • Past Lives Regression
  • other areas, send Cameron a note

Typical first session:

  • Bring your dreams to your first appointment with Cameron. 
  • Cameron will use hypnotherapy (Cameron is a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist) and may use a combination of dreamwork and mindfulness to forge a stronger bond between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.
  • Four or more sessions are recommended.*


First session $160, two hours

Next and subsequent sessions $140,  1-1.5 hours. Additional $25 per 15 minute segment beyond 1.5 hours. Cash or bank transfer.

Begin  by setting up your first appointment with Cameron in his Kamloops studio. Sessions can also be offered virtually, audio or video.


Meditation has ancient roots; people found that sitting in stillness brought them closer to their environment and helped them adapt to, and weather change. Ancient times were fraught with difficulties and meditation was a proven way to keep a clear mind when things got crazy. Today, things don't get crazy...right? More than ever, we need a balanced approach to a multitude of challenges that occur, even more so than in the distant past.

Meditation became like a religion over the centuries, perhaps like you, I have wandered the world and visited thousands of sacred sights and stood in awe at images of The Buddha, an early teacher of meditation, already very old when he was born.

Meditation today, is a practice where you choose 10 to 30 minutes daily, to follow your breath in and out, while you sit on a chair or cushion, simply listening to the world around you. The name for this style is Vipassana, which is an ancient title for "seeing reality as it truly is", not a reality constructed and covered with layers of meaning by your conscious mind. Have you ever noticed that when sitting still, your conscious mind is bombarding you with images, lists, things to do, conversations you have had, songs, sensations, etc etc. This is normal, this is what happens from the time you awaken until you sleep, meditation pulls you out of this flow for 10 to 30 minutes, where you become an observer, not a swimmer. Too simple to be powerful, right? Yet, when you give your mind this brief period of observation, the answers to life's challenges become clearer, more 'doable'. 

Ready to give it a try? You can do this on your own, with a group, making it a morning practice, or in the evening, or at lunch time, whenever! If you need a little encouragement, and coaching, Cameron can give you that guidance, and help you advance, especially when your conscious mind says, "this isn't working, I still feel the same." There are literally a million or more people meditating all over the world, at any given moment, and that is not just in 'exotic' countries. Download a simple meditation app called 'insight timer' and you will see where others who have the app are meditating, you will be surprised. 

Fees: 1 hour  meditation instruction $100.

Past Lives Regression

If you have never experienced a past life regression, or you have been to many past lives, each past life experience is different. The reason for this is because when you visit a past life you are there to learn something that will help you live your life more fully today. Try to imagine a cosmic wheel where each life you lived fulfills a part of your destiny ; it takes many lives of course. Each past life contains thousands of Learnings which occur and build upon each other as your life progresses. As you live each life, these Learnings don't just stay static, but  continue to communicate with each other so that they can all evolve and learn from each other.

Today's phobia/habit may result from a past life experience.

When you encounter a repetitive concern: a habit that you cant shake, relationships that seem to always end up wrong, phobias that don't seem to have a history... the people that you were in previous lives are there to show you why. When you see the problem through their eyes you help them and they help you - together you are stronger and able to transcend the issue today. So each past life you enter is not random, but is directly connected with the concern that you are dealing with today. The people you were in the past have a vested interest in helping you: because as they help you, all of your lifetimes move forward more quickly to the knowledge you need to fulfil your destiny.

What if I dont believe in Past Lives, can it help?

Yes. Many people who dont actually believe in past lives come to see me because they have heard that seeing your concern or issue through the eyes a person and culture that is almost always radically different than your current life, is cathartic. I have seen phobias and habits evaporate when they are caused by or originate from a life lived hundreds of years before. Often they leave a session wondering just how they could have arrived at the answer in a lifetime situation that seemed as real as their life today, complete with sounds, smells, wind, relatives and friends, except it was in an ancient culture. I belive, but it really doesnt matter if you dont believe in past lives. What matters is that it works; even the most ordinary past life event can yield subtle changes in this lifetime. I have helped thousands of people connect to their past lives and learn from them. I can help you. Call or send an email today.

Past Lives Regression: $180 - 2 hours includes discussion and hypnosis

Lomilomi, Hawaiian healing

There are only several dozen authentic LomiLomi treatment givers outside of Hawaii, Cameron is one. Cameron is grateful for  his Aumakua, Spirit Guide for the honor of being by his side to help in your healing, and his Kumu, Jeana Iwalani Naluai.  May your ala, your path, be clear and filled with light.

 LomiLomi (pronounced low-me-low-me) brought to the Hawaiians by their light being ancestors from the Pleiades Hōkū (star) many centuries ago, is their method of removing negative energy, from this lifetime, and past lifetimes, so that your journey into the future flows rightly like a continuous wave. Lomilomi is applied in gentle waves, because Spirit flows continually through time and space like an endless wave.

Lomilomi is always two hours, minimum,  is a very reasonable rate of $180,  applied with Aloha, from Spirits present, warm organic coconut oil, warm stones and warm studio, the temperature of the Hawaiian Islands.

* individual results vary from person to person. These are average guidelines, your progress may be slower or faster.



Hypnotherapy - meditation - PLR
"look outside and dream, look inside and awaken." CG Jung


"I have been to many counsellors but although they give me useful tools, there is so much resistance, that the tools become ineffective. Like a pill, I may feel different for awhile, but the environment I am in doesn't seem to change. I just become numb and have a feeling of endless sameness."  



Cameron is a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, combining dreamwork and psychotherapy with trance, to assist the unfolding of consciousness into the eternal now, where lasting change occurs.

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